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And the Cover for Diego's Dragon: Book Three Emerges!

This is why I love to write fantasy!

Benito has sent me the first sketches for the cover of Diego's next fantasy dragons book. I can't even guess how awesome this is going to look, especially with a clear blue sky in the background!

The cover for the second fantasy fiction book, with Vipero blasting Diego and Racquel with dragon fire in Satadon's cave is spectacular, but the cave is too dark for the black lettering in the title. Jennifer did try to suggest white lettering, which would have shown up a lot better, but some dummy author told her he wanted the lettering to stay consistent - DOH!

With a sunny background, the lettering will stand out like it did on the Book One cover, something that's quite important in book production.

Anyway, check the Wordpress Blog if you want to see the sketches. I don't know how to place the images in this Blog - it asks for a URL, not a Jpeg file.

When it's all done, this will definitely be one of the top new fantasy books of 2013!

If you want to read a chapter from Book Three, go here:



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