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Diego's Dragon, Book Three, Just a Few Pages from Completion!

Wow - do I love to write fantasy!

Yesterday I was typing like a madman and crying my eyes out. The fourth and final battle between the Sol Dragones and Captain Pizarro's Spanish conquistadors came out in a furious flood of words. The Spanish army has seven galleons, over two hundred fifty cannons, and an endless number of crossbows and muskets.

Arrows and bullets against fantasy dragons - wouldn't that battle be over in seconds? Not if Pizarro's weapons were controlled by an evil lord with revenge on his mind, revenge against Magnifico and his meddlesome guide, Diego.

I'm introducing some new dragons and guides into this fantasy fiction novel, including Icoron, and alien guide from the Andromeda galaxy. He rides with Taragon, the fastest of all the Sol Dragones.

There's a surprise visitor at the very end of this book, a character the fans of Conor and the Crossworlds will be very happy to see alive again. Here's a hint - he's a very important jungle cat in Aztec folklore.

This should be one of the top new fantasy books this year!

Onward - to the pinnacle of the literary world with Diego and Conor!

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