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Diego's Fantasy Fiction Book Three Cover Looking AWESOME!

Benito sent me the first pencil drawing of the cover for Diego's next fantasy dragons book. This comes after the sketch drafts he sent, about four of them.

I love everything about the cover! Of course, Magnifico looks incredible, and you can clearly see Diego standing atop his head, holding onto one of his horns.

It's the ship that looks so cool. A real Spanish galleon, cannons and everything, with conquistadors jumping over the side as Magnifico roasts the ship with dragon fire.

I almost missed something very important in this adventure book, but caught it at the last second. It would have been a major mistake, and that's what this process is all about, checking and re-checking.

I think I'm going to faint when I see it in color for the first time. Benito is a very talented illustrator!

A testimonial:

"West needs another couple of autographed copies of Diego's Dragon. We're going to have a raffle with your autographed books, posters and t-shirts! Diego's Dragon is still highly requested in our library! This is best fantasy fiction series we've seen in quite some time."

Julia - Librarian - West Middle School


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