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Finally, Finally, Really, Really Finished with Diego's Third Book!


One of my critique group members chastised me for leaving him with too much of a cliffhanger at the end of Diego's third fantasy dragons novel. "Cliffhangers are good for chapter endings, but not for entire novels." I liked the ending, but I like a lot of things until good people make strong and correct suggestions that make my books better. Such was the case with this Hispanic book.

It actually turned out really well, and it gave me the ending I wanted, which will either be a brilliant move or a total catastrophe. No hints, but if I was a fan of my last fantasy fiction novel series, Conor and the Crossworlds, I'd be jumping for joy at the end of Diego's third book.

One more round of critiques from my writer's group and some comments from individual readers, and I'll be ready to move forward. I'll also do one final read through myself.

Benito Gallego, my illustrator, is coming up with some incredible designs. His depictions of Taragon, the fastest of the Sol Dragones, and Icoron, his guide from the Andromeda galaxy, are fantastic. Can't wait to post them.

A testimonial:

"Another fun little book by Kevin Gerard in the Diego's Dragon series. This time Diego, Magnifico and company take their adventure to the cosmos in order to save the world. My daughter (who is in the 4th grade, but reads at the middle school level) read this book right after she read the first in this series 'Diego's Dragon: Spirits of the Sun. She can't wait for the next one to come out. Anyone who loves dragons will enjoy reading this book."


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