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Going to my First High School Next Month!

One of my favorite librarians, Judy, has once again moved to a new school. People must know that she straightens out every library she's hired to oversee, so she gets hired a lot!

She loves her libraries, her students, and her YA books (not to mention her middle grade authors), and she just landed at a local high school. I'll be giving a talk there in September, and it will be my first at this level. I've stuck to middle and elementary schools to this point because that's how old my characters are, and I've heard that kids like to "read up," which means they like to read fantasy dragon stories about characters that are older.

She hasn't worked there for more than a week, and she's begun a program called "Literary Lunch in the Library." How cool is that? I'll be her first adventure books author, and I'll talk to the students about self-publishing and how to write fantasy for e-books.

One of my goals this year is to get Diego's Dragon accepted by the Accelerated Reader program. Librarians can make this happen just by filling out a form on their website. Perhaps Judy can help me accomplish this - we'll see.

At any rate, I'm always happy to help her. She's been with me since the beginning.

A testimonial:

“Hi, it's Ryan. Big fan!!!!!!!!! Love the books, but, I'm thinking you should make a movie. I want to see what colors the places are, I want to see how big they are. I can see the pictures; I just see them in black and white. And I'm almost done with the second book. I met you at the Clairemont branch Library 50th Celebration. That's where we bought the first book. Who won the key thing, or is it still going on? Please reply…” – Ryan – San Diego, California


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