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Got a New Kitty Cat in my Home!

Finally picked up a playmate for Jesse!

He's two years old, his name is Braveheart (at least now, until I think of a different name), and he's jet black like his older brother Little Man. He has the most amazing golden eyes, they are full of life and curiosity.

He and Jesse are play pals now, which I'm happy to see. I felt bad for Jesse, he's five and needs someone to rumble with while he's young. Brave hasn't let me pet him yet, but he's letting me get closer. I'll be patient, he's worth the wait.

Working on Diego's third fantasy fiction novel, the first of many editing passes. So far so good, and we'll see what my writing group has to say about this fantasy dragons book when they critique it. This is where the real work begins, but it pays off.

I'm reading a good story written by a young kid I met at ConDor last March. I really like the story, but the writing is so technically poor it's painful to read. You just can't do that and expect to make it as someone who likes to write fantasy.

I'll continue to work hard on this new book series!


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