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Humboldt County Schools Love Diego's First Fantasy Dragons Book!


I sent a copy of the new hardcover version of Diego's first Hispanic book to every school in the Humboldt County School District as a gift for their invitation to the Children's Author Festival. I've been receiving emails and thank you cards from librarians at every level, elementary, middle, and high school.

Every message includes a little note about how much the students love Diego's first fantasy fiction book, Spirits of the Sun. I'm slated to visit two schools, but quite a few librarians have asked me to stop by during the festival.

I get so excited when I hear news like that. I put my heart and soul into every adventure book I write, and instill so much love into each character. Diego is the star of the series, but everyone loves Magnifico, his dragon the most. He is, after all, an amazing creature with an unpredictable personality.

This phenomenon is very similar to the Conor and the Crossworlds series. Conor is the main character, but his big friend Purugama, the flying cougar, is the one readers love. Maybe that's why Conor landed in Diego's world in the third Diego's Dragon book, and why Purugama makes a surprise entrance as well.

Oops! I gave something away!

A testimonial:

"My son bought 2 books, Spirits of the Sun and Dragons of the Dark Rift, and is loving them! We were wondering when you will be at the market off Melrose again and if they are always on special if you buy them in person?"


Kevin Gerard
Diego's Dragon
Conor and the Crossworlds

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