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New Illustrator for Diego's Fantasy Dragon is Awesome!


I received the first adventure books illustration from my new artist, Benito Gallego. He's drawn the first of five illustrations for the third Diego's Dragon book, which still doesn't have a subtitle :-)

Some students have sent in good fantasy fiction novel titles, like "Battle at Tenochitlan," or "Saviors of Fire," and "The Aztec Saviors," but the contest continues until the end of September, so we'll have to wait for the title of the book.

Benito lives in Spain! I found him through an internet site called Freelanced. By the look of his first illustration, he's going to be an amazing illustrator for Diego's latest children's books.

I'm so excited about the third YA book now. I can't wait to see what Benito comes up with, especially the cover.

This is so cool!

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