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Received a Great Critique about my Adventure Books Last Night!

Sure is good to have courageous reviewers. I spoke on the phone with a member of a critique group I'm involved with, and he had many great ideas for Diego's third fantasy dragons book.

The most important tip concerned the ending, which of course I thought was brilliant and would cause everyone reading this story to scream to the high heavens about how I'd left things with the principal characters in the story. This is the third time in my fledgling writing career that someone I respect a great deal has strongly suggested I change the ending of a fantasy fiction novel. My gut reaction is always to object, to protect my creation, but having lived around folks who are better able to digest things like this, I've can let the suggestions settle.

Of course the reviewer is correct. The ending is far too abrupt and leaves too many questions unanswered. My hope was that readers would be screaming for more, and telling everyone they know about the story. He said they would probably be screaming - for my head - for leaving them hanging like that.

So the work continues. This is how an author creates the best book he or she can. Get the story out, let people tear it to shreds, make the necessary changes, and keep fiddling until you have the best possible book you can deliver.

A testimonial:

I finally finished Diego's Dragon! It was so good that I even recommended it to a few book clubs at my school! Your new series of books really are an inspiration, I've been writing books ever since I was five years old. I keep them in a small box, I've written over 50 long and small stories (sadly not published yet) When I grow up, I hope to write a series of books that could win awards! I hope you can count me as you #1 fan :) Good job writing books and continue writing the Diego's Dragon series!

Valerie - Island Creek Elementary


Kevin Gerard
Diego's Dragon
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