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Rule #2 About Executing an Author Talk at a School

I hope I don't have to tell any author to have fun and treat the kids nicely.

Be excited that you're there, excited about the kids as they're walking into the library/multi-purpose room/gym. Fist bump them, high five, make little jokes, and S.M.I.L.E.!!!!!!

Every interaction you have with students will be remembered, so why not start right away, well before your talk begins? Don't just stand in the front of the room waiting to be introduced, interact with the students. Kids love cool adults, but be genuine. If you try and fake it they'll know instantly and brand you a geek/nerd/dork, or whatever term they're using that week.

Yes, it will seem weird at first. It's like any other social situation. I'm always nervous, but I dive in and the students like it. The more I interact, the easier it gets, and pretty soon I'm bouncing all over the place saying hi to everyone.

When the teacher/librarian/principal introduces me, we're all one big happy family and the author talk fun begins!

A testimonial:

Here is the photo of you and my son Estebian taken at the Welk's Resort. Please add us to your news letter. Estebian loves the books. We also enjoyed your reading of the book on youtube. Thanks for what you do in life...educating the future. Take care.

Norberto Bowen


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