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Rule #3 About Approaching a School Librarian for an Author Talk

Rule #3 is simple - if you can't nail down a date for an author talk in three phone calls with a librarian, thank her very much and move on to the next school.

School librarians have been squeezed like no other in the last few years. They are being asked to do more while having their hours cut, and that means administration, book purchases, managing teacher requests, you name it, and they're bombarded constantly by book dealers trying to sell titles.

Another factor is the school administration. Some principals just roll right over faculty and staff. The bottom line is their only consideration. That makes sense in our world of ever diminishing school budgets, but when a librarian tells them about a free event and they brush them off without a word, that's tough to swallow.

With all due respect to the wonderful school librarians out there, if they can't set a date, they surely won't be able to do everything else to arrange and execute a great visit.

Wish them well and call the next school about the top new fantasy books around.

A testimonial:

I love your fantasy fiction books so much! -- Tanner -- Palm Desert Charter School


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