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Rule #3 About Executing an Author Talk at a School

Just wing it, right?


If you have 50 minutes to talk about your Hispanic books or YA books with students, you better know exactly what you're going to do with every second. Here's how my talk goes:

1. I talk to them about how I came to be a writer and my writing process (the teachers will LOVE you for this).

2. I ask the students questions about movies, videos games, and books they like (yes, there's a reason).

3. I show a couple of trailers about my books. I create these myself in powerpoint or i-Movie. The kids LOVE them!

4. I have Q&A with the students. They'll be shy at first but then, trust me, the questions will come.

Remember to have fun with them. Kids love authors, and they love to be entertained. The better you are, the more they'll love you, and they'll want to buy more fantasy dragon books!

A testimonial:


This book is for my son. He bought the first fantasy fiction book from you at the farmers market a few weeks ago and has been really enjoying it.

If you could address it to Daniel I would appreciate it.

Thanks for writing a book that kids really like to read!


Kevin Gerard
Diego's Dragon
Conor and the Crossworlds

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