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The End of Diego's Third Fantasy Dragons Book is Awesome!

I finished the first draft of Diego's third fantasy fiction book a couple of days ago. You'll love the final battle at the end, and you'll love me or hate me or both for what happens at the end of this YA book. Either way, I'll be yanking on your emotions, and if an author does that, they're doing you a favor.

I have to do a little tweaking on the last chapter, then after that I'll go through the entire book again. Then I'll print a copy and go through it word by word. My critique group will slash it to ribbons, I'll have a few more passes at it, some select readers will pick it apart, and then maybe it will be ready. It is a process, but it gives my readers one of the best new fantasy novels to read.

I set a grueling schedule for myself this summer, but the first draft is done. That's always a wonderful feeling, that and the emotional explosion I endure at the end. I didn't really cry after typing the last period this time, but I balled my eyes as I wrote the final battle. That should give you a hint about the outcome, that and the fact that Diego's Dragon, like Conor and the Crossworlds, will be a five book series.

Here's to one of the best fantasy fiction series ever!


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