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Two More Weeks to Enter Diego's Fantasy Dragons Book Contest!

Fifteen days to go!

The Diego's Dragon book three subtitle contest is winding down. I've received over a hundred entries, even twenty from one student, and all of the names are great. Now all I have to do is pick the winners (tough to do) and then pick the one that will be on the cover of the book (impossible to do with so many good entries).

The subtitle that wins it will be layered onto one of the best fantasy fiction book covers I've ever seen (see the link READ A BOOK THREE CHAPTER in Diego's website). The illustration just screams adventure book. I'm so in love with it I have it as my desktop image.

Thanks to all the students who entered so far, and to those who will get their entries in under the wire, you're awesome! Aside from the other two Diego books, this will be the best Hispanic book yet!

A testimonial:

"Every boy dreams of having a dragon for a friend. Diego's Dragon turns one boy's fantasy into reality in this story, but all is not what it seems as Magnifico comes into Diego's life. I won't spoil the fun. The book is a gentle read with a reading level that is appropriate for kids who read at a 5 - 7th grade level. I enjoyed listening my daughter read it to me. We're going to buy the second book by Kevin Gerard called 'Diego's Dragon, Dragons of the Dark Rift'."


Kevin Gerard
Diego's Dragon
Conor and the Crossworlds

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